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Cramp 911

Relieve Muscle Cramps
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“Cramp911 is a new class of OTC medication aimed at relieving muscle cramps and spasms in under a minute thus avoiding the “post-cramp pain” so often associated with cramping. Active ingredients include a mineral-rich formula of copper and magnesium. Cramp911 relieves spasms resulting from athletic activity, night-time cramping, neck and back spasms, statin or other prescription-induced cramps, dehydration or even cramping associated with chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. A single application of Cramp911’s FDA-approved homeopathic ingredients offers fast relief that lasts for up to eight hours”.

To receive 5% discount and 20% donation for IES Brain Research Foundation, use the code "IES" on-line at Cramp911.com
or by phone 973-726-6218.

For information on any of the partnerships or suggestions for additional partnerships contact Faye 973-726-6218 or faye@iesbrainresearch.org
Be sure to mention IES Brain Research Foundation (or even just IES)


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