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Statement and Goals

The mission of this Foundation is to help advance research and education in brain research, that will help find answers to addiction, pain and other diseases and conditions of the human brain, such as Alzheimer's Disease, schizophrenia & aging.

The Foundation will also encourage outstanding young scientists to enter this important field of research, as well as focus public attention on the importance of basic research.

Ideas and Goals for Funds Raised

  1. Speakers’ Bureau, at first, regional and eventually national. The Speakers’ Bureau will provide speakers to community groups and businesses to speak about the current state of the art of brain research and how basic research is affecting and will affect the cure and prevention of brain diseases & conditions, such as drug and alcohol addiction, pain, and other diseases.
  2. IES Brain Research Foundation Summer Fellowship Program to assist outstanding college seniors and beginning graduate students to work in laboratories with established scientists, who volunteer to take on such students. This will give young science-oriented students a chance to determine whether brain research is a career that they would be excited to pursue and help attract excellent new talent to the field.
  3. IES Brain Research Foundation Travel Grants to assist young scientists in attending brain research conferences, to meet and learn from experienced scientists and to present any work they may have done.
  4. Lectures at prestigious scientific conferences and/or medical institutions.
  5. Symposium on a Brain Research topic.
  6. Future goals for when larger amounts are raised are giving modest grants or purchasing a needed piece of equipment for a lab doing outstanding brain research

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