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IES Brain Research Foundation
Student Summer Fellowships in Neuroscience

If you are chosen as a Foundation Fellow, you will be expected to:

1) Receive research training and perform research full time for 8-10 weeks with your mentor in a U.S. lab. Your mentor will be working closely with you and will be available for questions and guidance.

2) Submit a written report of your research & experiences by September 10th. The report will be 2-4 pages long and summarize your research accomplishments, what you have learned, as well how this experience has impacted your career plans.

3) Say a few words (1-2 minutes) at the gala dinner about your research experience and how it may affect your career plans. A written script of this, with photos of you and your faculty sponsor in the lab and/or office should also be submitted by September 10th.

4) Acknowledge the Foundation as a source of funding in publications arising from your summer research.

5) Your faculty sponsor will also be expected to say a few words (1-2 minutes) at the annual dinner about this program and your work together, also submitting a written script (on letterhead) by September 10th.

**If either the student or faculty sponsor cannot attend the gala dinner, he/she needs to let us know & send us a written statement and short video message (1-2 minutes) by September 10th.

We expect this internship to be educational, enjoyable and rewarding. We anticipate that many of the fellows will find the field of brain research exciting and hope that they will continue to include it in their career plans.

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