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Congratulations 2014 Summer Fellows!

We have some very exciting news! One of our Summer Fellows, David Foulad, worked with Maria Castro on a treatment for glioblastoma (a deadly brain cancer). The treatment has been in clinical trials getting rave reviews from the FDA. Faye recently spoke to Dr. Castro who informed her that they recently treated their very first patient! Congratulations David and Dr. Castro! Exciting news for this devastating disease.

2014 Tenth Anniversary IES Brain Research Foundation Summer Fellows:

1. Joseph Zhou worked with Wise Young, MD, PhD at Rutgers University on
Spinal Cord Injury

2. Sandip Biswas worked with 2013 Nobel Prize winner, Thomas Sudhof, MD, PhD at Stanford University on PTSD & Depression
3. James Duffy worked with Kyle Frantz, PhD at Georgia State University on
Drug Addiction
4. Austin Ramsey worked with Benedict Kolber, PhD at Duquesne University on Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain
5. Christine Hildreth worked with Carolyn Beebe Smith, PhD at NIH/NIMH (National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Mental Health) on Autism
6. Piper Williams worked with Christopher Lowry, PhD at University of Colorado-Boulder on Depression
7. Charalambia Louka worked with Nicholas Stavropoulos, PhD at NYUMC on Insomnia
8. Patrick Huguelet worked with Shigeki Iwase, PhD at University of Michigan on
Drug Addiction
9. James Barger worked with Robert Froemke, PhD at NYUMC on PTSD -
    2014 Tenth Anniversary IESBRF Elizabeth Ronis Fellowship
10. Megan Trager worked with Dr. Helen Bronte-Stewart, MD, MSE at Stanford University on Parkinson's Disease -
     2014 Tenth Anniversary IESBRF Yin-ming Huang & General Jian Gao Fellowship

Among the outstanding neuroscientists who are training this summer's fellows, we are pleased to include Nobel Prize winner, Thomas Sudhof, MD. PhD.

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