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Congratulations 2013 Fellows!

IESBRF 2013 Sam Rosenblum Fellowship - Alan Hwang worked with Dr. Huang at University of California-SF on Dementia

IESBRF 2013 Elizabeth Ronis Fellowship - Kevin Franklin worked with Dr. Pierce at University of Pennsylvnia on Addiction

IESBRF 2013 Yin-ming Huang and General Jian Gao Fellowship - Cristen Cusamano worked with Dr. Nirenberg at New York University on Parkinson's Disease

Jeanette Chin worked with Dr. Blumenfeld at Yale University on Epilepsy

Ryan Gallo worked with Dr. Maher at John Hopkins University on Schizophrenia

Olubankole Arogundale worked with Dr. Gulley at University of Illinois (UIUC) on Addiction

Brendan Bechard worked with Dr. Gingrich at Columbia University on (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Regina Lee worked with Dr. Gurevich at Vanderbilt University on Retinal Degeneration

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