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2009 Summer Student Fellowship Program

Congratulations to our 2009 Fellows:

Emi Ling who worked with Dr. Eric Kandel at Columbia University on Long Term Memory

Joseph Oved who worked with Dr. Howard Weiner at NYU School of Medicine
on Epilepsy

Lisa Roth who worked with Dr. Charles Chavkin at University of Washington on Stress and Drug Addiction

David Foulad who worked with Dr. Maria Castro at UCLA on Brain Cancer

Nicholas Chan who worked with Dr. Heng Zhao at Stanford University Medical School on Stroke

Ying Li who worked with Dr. Rene Hen at Columbia University on Antidepressants

Jen Croner who worked with Dr. Steven Siegel at University of Pennsylvania on Schizophrenia

Jordan Maki who worked with Dr. Eric Klann at NYU Center for Neural Science on Retardation and Autism

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