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Dr. Simon continues his research activities as head of a laboratory at New York University School of Medicine. He is frequently invited to speak at international conferences and to consult for the US government and for private companies.
He is internationally known in the field of brain research,
particularly as it pertains to drug addiction.

Few of Dr. Simonís Many Accomplishments:

  • Discovered opiate receptors (heroin, morphine) in the brain
  • Provided the first map of receptor distribution in the human brain
  • Coined the word endorphin (to describe morphine-like molecules in the nervous system).
  • Published over 250 original scientific papers and reviews.
  • 2 published papers became Citation Classics
  • Studied Vitamin E metabolism-two metabolites became known as Simon Metabolites
  • Trained numerous students, who are now successful scientists
  • Hosted numerous visiting scientists

Honors and Award:

  • Pacesetter Award by National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • Louis and Bert Freedman Foundation Award from NY Academy of Sciences
  • Nathan B. Eddy Memorial Award from the Committee on Problems of Drug Dependence
  • Alumni Professional Achievement Citation from the University of Chicago
  • Honorary Doctorate from the Universite Rene Descartes (Sorbonne) Paris, France
  • Numerous named lectures and visiting professorships
  • Founders Day Award INRC

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